Giving Back

Dosely's Partnership With Vitamin Angels

At Dosely, we’re committed to building a healthier future for everyone. Period. 

Part of that involves giving back to communities that need it the most. Vitamins should not be a limited resource accessible only to those who can afford them. And yet, they remain out of reach to millions throughout the world. 

Further, malnutrition is the leading cause of preventable child deaths. In fact, 150 million children don’t get the amount of Vitamin A they need for a healthy life. Because our bodies don’t naturally produce this nutrient, one must obtain it through dietary measures. When a child’s diet lacks a sufficient amount of Vitamin A during early stages of development, they can get sick, go blind and even die. 

Dosely has partnered with Vitamin Angels, a global organization committed to making health a human right for everyone, everywhere.  For every Dosely purchase, we donate a 1-year supply of essential vitamins to a child in need. We want to live in a world where every child is healthy enough to live, play, learn and grow. Defeating malnutrition is an integral part of creating that world. 

In their 25+ years of work, Vitamin Angels has helped hard to reach populations in every US state and 70 countries worldwide. By utilizing the power of strength in numbers, they’ve built a network of over 2,500 program partners globally who have a deep understanding of how to heal the communities they serve. It’s not just about sending the goods but genuinely connecting with the people receiving them and ensuring they end up in the right hands. 

Improving a child’s nutrition at the beginning of their growth cycle sets them up for success in virtually every facet of life. Vitamins boost children’s potential to not only participate in a healthy society, but to thrive in it. 

Giving back is a healthy habit for everyone. And if you know anything about Dosely, it’s that we create habits for life.