A Healthier Future

Timeline for the Effects of Dosely

Good things take time and patience. Fad diets or crash fitness regimes are only temporary solutions that can unfortunately do more harm than good. No cutting corners! To live your healthiest future, set better habits. When you commit to a new habit, like taking Dosely, the benefits are lasting. You could say, permanent

Benefits of Dosely Timeline
4 weeks: Energy & Immunity
    • The water-soluble vitamins are already hard at work in your body. Increased energy and sharper brain function from the B-Vitamin family. Powerful antioxidants and boosted immune support from Vitamin C.
8 weeks: Establishing the Habit
    • On average, it takes 66 days to establish a new habit. Our packaging is designed to help you do it faster.
16 weeks: Filling the Gaps
    • Resolves most vitamin deficiencies and fills dietary shortfalls. Improved overall health and mood, while simultaneously preventing cellular damage and fighting free radicals.
24 weeks: Outer Health & Mood
    • Beautification! Improved hair, nails, and skin from Dosely's Biotin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. More consistent energy from the steady dose of B-Vitamins, while Magnesium helps regulate a healthy sleep cycle and fights stress. 
36 weeks: Internal Health
    • Fat-soluble vitamins are now fully absorbed. Helps protect vital internal organs (including your heart!).  Supports blood building by allowing red blood cells to do their job. Reduced risk of anemia. 
    52 weeks: Stronger Bones
      • By focusing on calcium's helper nutrients, your body better uses the calcium you get from your daily food intake.  This reduces the risk of osteoporosis and strengthens bones and teeth (smile bright!).
    After 1 year: Healthier Aging
      • Habits pay off. Your body thanks you for your consistent nutrient schedule with healthier aging from within. That healthy habit you tried a year ago is now permanent.