What's inside and what's not.

Spoiler: Both are important!

Thoughtful Dosages

We take a scientific approach to setting dosages that are both safe and effective. For micronutrients, the difference between “just enough” and “too much” is often tiny. Through this approach, we focus on building off what you already get from your daily food intake. Without overdoing it.

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Clean Ingredients With Real Functionality

Immune Support

Essential Vitamins C & A are paired with Zinc to help keep your immune system running at full strength.*

Energy Boost

From Folate to B-12, the B-Family works naturally with your body's chemistry to help convert food into energy.*

Mental Clarity

Magnesium & D3 regulate serotonin levels to keep us feeling positive. The B-Vitamins keep your brain's signals firing at full speed.*


Vitamins A & E work with Biotin to beautify hair, nails, and skin. Vitamin C, Zinc, & Copper help your body produce collagen, which strengthens hair, skin, and nails.*

Strong Bones & Teeth

By focusing on calcium's helper nutrients (Vitamin K, D3, & Manganese), your body is able to use the calcium you get from food.*

Inner Health

Blood building minerals, like copper, fight anemia (lifts energy!). Powerful antioxidants fight free radicals. Supports a healthy heart!*

Dosely Multivitamins Clean Ingredients

What's NOT inside?

No binge dosages! Overloading your system can cause nausea or digestive issues, like burps (gross!).

No animal ingredients. Always 100% plant-based ingredients (Vegan & non-GMO).

No allergens! No dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or soy!

No shady additives. No colorants, binders, or synthetic fillers.

Dosely Multivitamins Quality Safety Standards

Safety Standards.

⚑ Dosely is made in the U.S.A. at FDA registered facilities.

☰ We follow the FDA's "current Good Manufacturing Practice" (cGMP).

✓ Each ingredient is FDA GRAS approved and NSF certified.

✎ We have every batch third-party tested for purity, strength, composition, and safety.